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Wanting a comfortable warmth and the sight of natural fire in one's home does not have to mean polluting the environment. A new and innovative way to enjoy it is to buy a bio fireplace, which does not emit any smoke and is extremely easy to operate. The most characteristic feature is the many forms and styles it comes in, which can be found in the catalogues available at Because of the products' elegance and authenticity, one can create an interesting interior design in a house or an apartment.

An aesthetic bio ethanol fireplace

A bio ethanol fireplace can be installed independently or mounted on the wall, saving some of the space, especially in smaller apartments. The product is known as a comfortable and effective way of fighting the dangerous smog. After its operation there are no ashen remains, which need to be cleaned nor there is any smoke emitted, which lets the owners skip the procedure of building a chimney. The are many products on the market, however to achieve the best visuals and safety, it is wise to choose those made by reliable brands.

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