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Trésors de Pologne

00-001 Varsovie
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Company's specialisation

Trésors de Pologne is a travel agency led by people who visited many places all over the world, but decided to return to their motherland to show its wonders to others. This European country is known for its long and very complicated history, rich nature and many monumental buildings. Each client is able to choose a trip around Poland, which fits his style of travelling and interests best. The company will happily modify the plan to include additional attractions and preferences concerning accommodation or food.

A trip around Poland

One of the more popular types of tours organised by the agency are round trips. Poland has many different attractions to offer, but more often than not they are scattered throughout the country. Such a journey consists of staying in hotels in a couple of different cities, separated by many miles and visiting the most interesting places on the way from one town to the other or in the city itself. A trip around Poland will definitely let the participants learn a lot about this country and get used to its varying landscapes.

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