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Many people from Germany often lead some sort of business in the neighbouring Poland. SALVUS, a law firm from Poznań, is a team of professionals that helps in various legal proceedings concerning GmbH and other legal forms of companies in this country. Moreover, they also offer help to individual clients when it comes to labour, transport and inheritance law. People who only need information or an advice can simply ask this legal office for a consultation on the particular troublesome topic at a very reasonable fee.

GmbH - Poland

GmbH is an abbreviation for Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, which is a type of company operating in German-speaking countries. This legal form is similar to limited companies, found in many other countries all over the world. SALVUS knows perfectly well how GmbH operate in Poland, therefore they offer professional assistance in fulfilling all the legal requirements when starting them. These specialists also help various business owners from Germany in transferring their companies to the Polish market.

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