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If you are looking for a place full of inspiring ideas for a source of heat in your new living room or a bedroom, Lovter has you covered. The website exhaustive articles on biofuel fireplaces will teach you everything you need to know about this option, as well as show you the benefits of switching to this eco-friendly method of decorating your house. On the web page you can find a variety of articles concerning room décor ideas, different types of fireside and the advantages of using ethanol, instead of wood or gas.

Ethanol fireplace

Biofuel fireplace is a much cleaner and less time-consuming alternative to a traditional fireside. Substituting wood for ethanol made it mobile and more adequate for people who wanted it for its decorative properties. The entire process of installing it in a chosen place takes about thirty minutes – after that time, the biofuel fireplace is ready to operate. No vent system nor chimney are needed in case of this solution – there are no harmful and difficult to clean substances released in the air when it burns, only steam.

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