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Do you want your house to be equipped with cutting-edge technology and with solid and dependable inventions? Definitely get acquainted with SM Solutions and the products they offer. Their assortment includes many types of windows, doors, roller shutters and retractable grilles, which are going to be responsible for the safety of your buildings - both commercial and residential. The product that is especially highly praised is the composite front door, with an impressive insulation and surprising sturdiness.

Composite front doors

Composite front doors are manufactured from a variety of materials to significantly improve their thermal insulation, resistance to weathering or protection from moisture. The surface is made from highly durable fibreglass, which imitates the look of real timber, but unlike timber, which can only be painted, it can be prepared in a variety of colours. The insides are made of PU foam, which helps in keeping the warmth inside, but sometimes additionally reinforced with steel, to protect them from violent burglaries.

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