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A Roman sword was considered to be a very dangerous weapon back in the ancient times. The most famous one was a gladius, which constituted an obligatory element of every legionary's basic equipment. Such an armament was used along with a shield called scutum in advanced military formations, such as testudo. Another, prolonged Roman sword, was spatha, what later developed into a Viking blade. Superb replicas of such weapons and others can be found in the wide assortment of GlobalReplicas.com shop.


All the coastal villagers were afraid of Vikings, as this Scandinavian tribe was robbing everything they found, during their sea journeys on huge boats which looked like dragons. They used various weapons to fight with, but swords were the most popular. Apart from the battle function, every Viking sword served as a symbol of the social status as well. This blade meant that its owner was a free man and the more ornamented it was, the higher was his position in the society. In the wide range of replicas, presented on GlobalReplicas.com, you can find numerous Viking swords which are carefully copied from the well-known historical museum pieces.

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