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Are you doing your first baby steps in a new industry? You decided that you want to try yourselves in the complicated world of food or cosmetics? JK-Machinenbau is a company you want to keep on your side. They create semi and fully automatic capping, labelling, packaging, bottle moulding and filling machines and a variety of other equipment. Their creations are dependable and will help you speed up the production process noticeably. To be used with edibles, the devices needs to be properly tested and gain adequate certificates before their introduction to the line.

Bottle filling machines

If your company is specialising in the production of cosmetics, food or maybe even dangerous chemicals, you need to equip your factory with a selection of bottle filling machines. These useful devices are used to automate the process of distributing a chosen substance into containers. This way you will need less people in your manufacturing plant, while at the same time the efficiency of the production will increase. Choose JK-Machinenbau’s bottle filling machines and enjoy how reliable and solid they are.

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