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IKAPOL is a company selling various products used for properly handling dangerous and toxic substances in factories, warehouses and many other. Their offer is vast to let each customer find solutions suited to their needs and requirements. Each item is carefully described on their website, so buyers can get acquainted with their specifications and choose only those, which are safe for the materials handled by their company. The assortment available includes drip trays for barrels, various taps and valves, containers, as well as protective gear.

A drip tray for barrels

Each drip tray for barrels found on the company's website has been manufactured using solid and reliable materials. A careful selection during the production helps prevent leaks in the future and is the only sure way of knowing which substances can be safely stored in them. Companies which do not use large containers, but smaller ones instead, will also find many products to choose from. Available drip trays can hold up to four barrels and have different heights, to collect a various amount of spillage.

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