Seeds, grains and animal feed

Kampol. PPHU

WieluĊ„ska 12A
97-438 Rusiec
GPS data: 51.322587,18.978454

phone no.: +49 436 766 132
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Company's specialisation

If your company is part of the food industry and you need a reliable supplier of grains and seeds, you should definitely get acquainted with PPHU Kampol's offer. This producer will deliver you any natural material that you need, selected carefully, to meet any expectations of yours. Sunflower seeds, split peas, beans, corn, soya, turnip and others are all manufactured and sold by the company. They also have a large collection of canary, parrot or pigeon feed, as well as, mixed seeds for rabbits and other rodents.

A broad selection of pigeon feed

The company is responsible for mixing nutritional seeds and grains for pigeon feed. Their assortment is divided into Kampol, Dynamico and Prestige line, with many different qualities, ingredients and ratios of chosen materials. The company knows how important quality food is for animals when it comes to this hobby, therefore, they always make sure their products are absolutely safe. They pay close attention to the material brought to them and select only the most attractive and healthy seeds and grains for their pigeon feed.


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