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Thanks to Topschaum, you can buy high-quality foam which can be used for filling seats. It is created from solid materials that makes it durable for many years. It us used to produce, for instance, office chairs, seats for vehicles and planes, orthopaedic or trekking equipment and not only. What is more, one of the specialities of Topschaum is providing the seats for yachts. They always take care of every single detail, so that their products could meet all the high demands and serve their function perfectly.

Various types of foam

The offer of Topschaum is very wide, as the foam comes in many different types. You can purchase, for example, Viscoschaum, which is a product providing an incredible level of comfort. Under the influence of the temperature and pressure, it fits a lying body perfectly and pleasantly enfolds it. Another suggestion could be Butlex, which has the qualities of a natural sponge - it absorbs and release humidity easily, what provides the right air circulation. It is worth knowing that Topschaum also offers anti-fire B1 foam as well.

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